Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bridget on her Baptismal Day!

Here are some photos from Bridget's big day! This is my favorite one of all. This smile is enough to melt your heart!

This is a great group shot with my sisters. My sister Annmarie, the gp, is the oldest, then Karen (Bridget's mom) and then me.

This is my favorite pic of my wonderful husband. I just loved the backdrop that was on the alter so we took advantage of it and shot our pictures from here.

This is my honey and our niece Fiona, she is 7 months old and the best baby ever!

This one is my mom and Michael and Fiona. It was a wonderful and beautiful day.

Can't forget about the godparents... here is my sister Annmarie and her husband Mike. Mike loves bunnies and found Bridget's bunny ears. I couldn't help but take the picture. Nothing like a little bit of fun to put the icing on the day!

I hope you had a great Tuesday and enjoyed the pics.


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